Mestra Edna Lima

ABADA-Capoeira Graduation System


  • Crua / Crua-Amarelo / Amarelo
    These colors are designated for beginners. The Crua being a cord with no color yet. The Yellow (or gold) represents the value of the new student, and what will be developing after this level.
  • Amarelo-Laranja / Laranja / Laranja-Azul
    The Orange cord level represents the Sun and the awakening of the consciousness.
  • Azul / Azul-Verde
    The graduated student level, the blue represents the color of the ocean and the realization of how immense the path is ahead.
  • Verde / Verde-Roxa
    Green is the color of the forest and the lungs of the world. At this level, the student focuses on making the group grow, and solidifying his/her instruction. These students work to maintain the foundation of the group.
  • Roxa / Roxa-Marron
    This is the reflection of the continuity of capoeira. At this level, the capoeiristas seek to overcome physical, emotional, and spiritual pains in the search for knowledge about capoeira, and supporting the group philosophy.
  • Marron / Marron-Vermelha
    This color represents our style, “The Chameleon”. It is from this level that future Mestrandos, Mestres, and Grão Mestres are made.
  • Vermelha
    “The Ruby” is the stone that represents fairness. It is at this level that a capoeirista acquires a consciousness of his or her responsibility to capoeira and seeks to live, teach, and make decisions with fairness.
  • Vermelha-Branco
    The Mestres level. At this level, the capoeirista works to develop all of his or her potential in the sense of bringing together and maintaining the ideas and philosophy of the group. This level is a transformation where the capoeirista is preparing to move to the highest rank in the ABADA organization. For that, it is necessary to make decisions with certainty, precision, honesty, loyalty, and above all wisdom and impartiality.
  • Branco
    Grão Mestre. This level represents the diamond. It is the mineral that reflects all other colors. It is the hardest and most resistant stone. It is in the color white that all colors unite. It is through wisdom, patience, humility, loyalty, and the sureness of purpose that our philosophy, traditions, and fundamentals are maintained. There is only one Grão Mestre in the group. All of the attributes are concentrated in one person who has the most responsibility in deciding the destiny of the group.